play- belong - matter


Our Mission

Street2Street exists to help at-risk kids Play, Belong, and Matter through sports events, mentoring, and personal development. We create leaders who become champions in the game of life.

Our Vision

By the year 2020, Street2Street will impact 20,000 at-risk kids in 20 urban communities in the United State


The foundational event of Street2Street, the inaugural Street2Street Tournament, was held in Brooklyn in August 2005 and attracted over 150 teens. Since then, Street2Street has given over 10,000 at-risk kids in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Tennessee the opportunity to play through these three-on-three half court basketball tournaments. Uniforms, referees, meals and prizes are all provided.

This day of fun, positive and exhilarating competition on the court is supplemented by a compelling pre-game presentation in which the kids receive a life-changing talk from a peer or professional from their neighborhood and community. Through these talks, the kids receive mentoring and personal development designed to help each one become a leader and a champion in the game of life.

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