How to Earn the Trust of Generation Z


By  growing leaders - April 25, 2018

Originally appeared here in growingleaders


The latest research on young people, those 20 and younger, reveals some insights into the mindset of teenagers. One that may surprise you—while teens today love to engage with social media—they love their privacy too. Even more than you do.

One of the top ten patterns spotted in the Social Media Trends 2018 Report is vividly illustrated by all the aliases they use to avoid detection from on-line searches; by the “finsta” (fake or friendly Instagram accounts) and “rinsta” (real Instagram accounts) they set up, and by the usage of apps like Vaulty to hide photos.

Now consider the shift from past social media platforms like Facebook to Snapchat.

Snapchat allows you to send a photo or video that goes away in seconds. Why is this important? Consider a Generation Z teen who has an older, Millennial sibling. The teen may have watched their brother or sister attend a party last weekend, and get drunk, then post photos of themselves on Instagram or Facebook. What happened? Their potential employer searched and found those photos before they interviewed the Millennial as a job candidate and decided not to hire them.

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